Thursday, June 11, 2009

Doing School Part 5

1] When students (some) are having fun in school, they temporarily forget about the stress.
2] There is always a change of behavior at the end of each semester.
3] Berto enjoys tutoring and helping others out at school.
4] Some turns to manipulating the school system in order to get their desired grades.
5] There is always a double sided picture of school success.

4 Questions
1] If having fun releases stress, shouldn't the school curriculum make their classes more enjoyable?
2] How do these students cope with their stress?
3] How many parents are actually aware of their kids being under all of the stress?
4] Is there really enjoyment while being in school?

3 Vocabulary
1] Marsh: an area of low-lying waterlogged land, often besides water, that is poorly drained and liable to flood, difficult to cross on foot, and unfit for agriculture or building.
2]Ungrudging: feeling or showing no reluctance or reservations.
3] Ulcer: a slow-healing sore on the surface of a mucous membrane, especially the membrane lining the stomach or other part of the digestive tract.

2 Literary Terms
1] "These students are considered the light of our school." -Metaphor.
2] "Like chameleons who use dramatic color changes to camouflage themselves in order to stay alive, the successful students at Faircrest exhibited vastly different behaviors from class to class in order to meet the diverse expectations of their teachers." -Simile.

1 overview sentence
Even though these students are extremely stressed, they also sometimes enjoy the work.

Doing School Part 4

1] Some students barely have time to do homework because of their work time after school.
2] Ironically, in schools, health classes teaches about stress.
3] There are good students who cheat, but Roberto does not,
4] Some students admit that they do receive help whenever it's offered.
5] Some students have to skip lunch because they have to cram in everything before classes.

4 Questions
1] Why don't these students ever take a break?
2] Why do these students take so many hard classes even if they barely have enough time?
3] Does anxiety really affect grades?
4] Do they do other activities outside of school to not worry about their grades?

3 Vocabulary
1] Unsolicited: Given, sent, or received without being requested.
2] Feat: A remarkable act or achievement involving courage, skill, or strength.
3] Clamoring: Demanding attention loudly and insistently.

2 Literary Terms
1] "Like Kevin destroying the walls in the gymnasium." -Simile.
2] "He felt like he had to violated one of the world rules." -Simile.

1 Overview Sentence
Stress and work often plays a big role in reasons why students are often not finishing their work on time and having to cram in all in last minute.